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Take a picture from your phone of an home appliance, car, motorcycle or many other electrical tools and you can get the related user manual in seconds. No more pain or waste of time in finding solutions to errors or other information. Find what you are looking for via a simple “click”. Isn’t that easy? Have your personal user manuals well stored in your dedicated library, no more pains or waste of time on trying to find them in paper or on line. 

Taxi Taxi!

Need a taxi? We got you covered. Soon available for users in Switzerland and expanding to more Countries!



Need to bring stuff around? Move it to another city? Wants to save money? FullyLoaded is the app for you. Soon available in your Country.


Did you ever trouble parking your fancy car in a small marking? But which parkings are good for you? Let’s find out. Our SafeParking project is aimed at solving exactly that.