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The service

Our first meeting is free of charge, we will talk about how to act to realise your project based on the direction we decide to take we might partner with you or you might want to hire us.

Of course, we will follow you every step of the way in the realisation of your project

it depends on what kind of project it is, but we are very fast and professional, we will definitely realise your project in the shortest possible time

Anyone from any country as long as you are motivated, have a plan and are willing to get help

Anything which is not yet in the market and which provide a tool to make life better

Yes! Just don’t call us at Christmas ok? 🙂

If we believe your idea is valid we will contact you

We sign a standard Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) 

Yes, the investment is in the form of Early Investment and includes a participation in your company. This will give you confidence that we will be together all the way to success.

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Do you have any other questions? contact us, we will respond promptly


We are always ready to support you


You can count on us


We know what we are talking about